10 June 2008

Firefox 3.0 is coming

Download Day
I have been a Firefox fan all the while. The browser has multi tabs to enable be to navigate to more pages in in single screen. IE 7.0 can do the same after they saw what Firefox can do but loading a tab in IE 7.0 is a real hassle and it looks clumsy and heavy.

Firefox 3.0 is coming and I have tried the Beta version of it. However, I uninstall it after a try. Why? Because I used many add-ons in the current version of the Firefox and the 3.0 beta version does not offer any add-ons or themes.

Now for the coming event for the launch of Firefox 3.0, preparation are underway to break the Guinness World Record for the most number of download in 24 hours. A pledge page has been set up to allow interested people (like me) to be informed of this historiacal event of achieving the Guinness Record.

You can sign in your pledge at the following URL:

Download Day

MARK YOUR CALENDAR 17 JUNE 2008 - Firefox 3.0 Launch Date

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