11 June 2006

Happy Birthday Darren!!

My son celebrated his 10th birthday today. Even though his actual birthday falls on 12 June, we decided to celebrate it earlier in view that tomorrow he will back to school again and also today's Sunday. As usual, birthdays are celebrated with a cake and present from his dad and mun. This year around, mun got him the cake and me... well I got him a Transformer. Not a electrical transformer, you dumb dumb.. Transformer the toy!!

Well actually today we went to Shah Alam where the Hasbro (distributor for Transformer and other toys) were having their warehouse sale (I would want to save some money is there's a bargain there). Too bad when we reached, there what's left are Star Wars toys, Playskool and nothing on Transformer. So we have have to settle for a trip to 1 Utama's ToyRUs for his present. I thought that my son will be merciful to me by choosing a reasonable size and priced Transformer, instead he choose the biggest of the lot which is Cybertron: Primus. It was a biggest Cybertron there.. what can I say? No?... It's his birthday so have to get it for him since also it is his 10th birthday, I would want to make it a memorable one for him.

After dinner, he was pestering his mun to cut the cake because HE LOVES CAKES! The cake was a Secret Recipe, Blueberry Cheese cake.

The Blueberry Cheese Birthday Cake with his name written on it!!

Candles where lighted on the cake.. ten candles in all, he made his wish and blew off the candles with a puff.

I huff and puff... all the candles lights are blow off!!

Beware!! The birthday present from dad... Cybertron Primus

So ends the celebration of my son's birthday party.. well he's 10 years old already but he will always remain a boy in my heart!!

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Selba said...

Oops... I'm late again to give a wish...

Happy belated birthday, Darren!

Wow.. blueberry cheese cake from secret recipe! No more cake? Aiyaaaa.. I should come here earlier in order to get a piece of the cake... kekeke