02 June 2006

Day 2 - Shanghai and Wuxi

The next morning everyone was up early. The sunrise at 5.00 a.m. in Shanghai and in terms of daylight, it is about 2 hours ahead of KL. Everyone was complaining about the hard bed that we were sleeping, my hips were not feeling too comfortable too. The tour leader said that that's the way the Chinese people like to sleep on hard bed to improved their posture.

Next stop was the Shanghai Jade Buddha Temple. Spent some time there worshipping and snapping photos. Managed to catch a glimpse of this "modern" monk toying with his PDA and a funny sign located at the low beams of the building:

After the visit to the temple, it was a long 3 hours journey to Wuxi. The first stop at Wuxi was the Three Kingdom TV studios which were built in 1993 for CCTV to film the stop epic into a series. A very nice place with good sets with nice gardens and old buildings.

We were also entertained with a show of how the battle was fought in the Three Kingdom epic with live people and horses.

Enterance to the Three Kingdom studios

The studio ground was hugh where we were transported to different sets using the internal transportation system. We even took a ride on a "battle ship" around the lake area.

After the visit to the TV studio sets, we were transported to a tea pot factory. The factory featured the world larges Chinese tea port. At the same time, we managed to see how tea port "si fu" at work too. We were taken to a room where a demonstration of what is considered a good tea pot. I was amazed by the demonstration where a good tea pot can pour out it content well without any spill from it spout. At the same time, the staff there demonstrated that the water that was poured from the tea pot was swirling in a straight line up to the tea cup. We ended buying 2 sets of tea pots while with bargaining power of our tour members, 2 sets were given free.

The world biggest Chinese tea pot

At the end of the day, we ended up a hotel which situated in the busy part of Wuxi located at the bus and train station.

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