08 June 2006

Day 8 - Shanghai - Kuala Lumpur

It was raining our last day in Shanghai. having packed all our stuff in our suitcase the previous night, we make sure that all the suitcases get loaded on the bus.

The bus took us around for a last glimpse of Shanghai city before proceeding our restaurant to have lunch. It was about 11.00 a.m. when we reached the restaurant and all of us were not hungry to have lunch since we had a late heavy breakfast.

After lunch, we were taken to the Maglev station for our journey to the airport. Wow, the Maglev train can travel up to a maximum speed of 430 Km/Hr and it takes about 7 minutes travelling time to reach the airport from the station. We took some photos when the train arrived and I was busy snapping the speedometer as the train moves towards it's maximum speed.

The arrival of the Maglev train

A last shoot before we board the train

The train has very comfortable interior

Slide show on showing the Maglev train accelerating from 144 km/hr to top speed of 430 km/hr and finally to a dead stop at 0 km/hr

The Putong Airport is a modern airport with a sophisticated roof shaped like a lotus leaf. We checked in our luggages and bid farewell to our tour guide Siu Liu and wished him all the best.

Some views of the beautiful Shanghai Putong Airport

A last photo with the tour guide Siu Liu before we leave Shanghai

Our flight was a 3.30 p.m. and it was still raining when we took off from Shanghai. We reached KLIA at about 9.40 p.m.. We managed to hire a family van at the airport to take us back home. We reached home an hour later.

Wow it has been a wonderful trip for all of us. Now what's left are strong and fond memories of the journey all documented in this blog.

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