25 June 2006

The Fast And The Furious : Tokyo Drift

Went for a show with my daughter Carrie, The Fast and The Furious : Tokyo Drift. The show was rated 18 SG where only those 18 years old and above could get into the cinema hall. That means my son cannot even join me for the show.. too bad.

Well being a car enthusiast, the show is almost a must see show. I have seen the earlier two Fast and Furious movie series and this one would be a different since they are concentrating on a different art of car driving - DRIFTING.

The movie showed the beautiful cars that are available in Tokyo not to mention the beautiful and scantily dressed girls who were at the car park where the car are raced. The story is about a 18 year old troubled American boy Sean Boswell who sent off to Tokyo by his mother to be with his father (both parents are divorced) from avoiding him going to the slammer after a racing incident with another stuck-up American kid.

It was not long when he landed in trouble again in Tokyo by challenging a Japanese called Takashi nicknamed DK to a underground drift race where Sean himself did not know the meaning and art of car drifting. He smashed up the car he raced and was required to "pay" back for the damaged dome. By the way the nickname DK means DRIFT KING!!!.

The story continued with his involvement in the darker gangster side of the youth in Tokyo and was in the end challenged to a drift race again with DK at the twisty and winding mountains.

What I don't like about the movie was that the ending was raced in an American car body fitted with a Nissan engine.. American Ego.

Overall, the driving action scenes were good (much better than those feature in the move Initial D which is kids stuff compared to this show) and the story line provide a good lesson to the youth.

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