08 June 2006

Day 6 - Hangzhou

We woke up very early in Hangzhou to get ready for the boat ride at the West Lake of Hangzhou. Hangzhou was founded about 2,200 years ago during the Qin Dynasty. The West Lake is the main attraction of the city with large garden and lake area.

The boats waiting at the side of West Lake

A lovely view of West Lake

We managed to spot a few albino peacocks. This is the first time that we have ever seen an albino peacock, look very unique and lovely when compare with the normal peacocks. We also managed to take a tour group photos at the gardens.

From West Lake, we were taken to the tea plantation at Longjin or Dragon Well. It's the only place in China where tea leaves are bake using hand and is said to the finest tea leaves in China is available at a price. They posted many dignitaries who were at the tea plantation tasting their wonder tea. We managed to bargain with the tea operator there and got a real good deal. The tea leaves called "Tea King" was bought at RM450-00 a kati!!

From the tea plantation we were off to famous Buddha cravings at Feilai Feng caves. There were many carvings made on the wall of the caves which were craved more than 1,000 year ago. There were also three temples.

Next stop was Yue Fei Memorial and Tomb which is situated next to West Lake. Yue Fei is the famous Chinese patriot and warrior during the Song Dynasty.

Memorial statue of Yue Fei at the main hall

The tomb of Yue Fei
At night we went to the local theatre for a local Hanzhou culutral show was performed. An interesting showing highlighting all the events that has happended in Hangzhou from the olden days to the current modern days.

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