02 June 2006

The Great Eastern China Trip

Yeah, wondering why I was not posting anything material for the past eight days? Well, I was away on a long holiday to Eastern China with my family. The trip started from 25 May and I just came back late last night (1 June) and here I am again.

The journey was a long and enjoyable one. I took more than 1,000 pictures with my camera can eagerly waiting to post it up to share it. The summary of the holiday is as follows:

Day 1 - 25 May 2005 Kuala Lumpur to Shanghai

The Pearl Tower on a raining foggy night

At the Shanghai Bund

Day 2 - 26 May 2006 Shanghai to Wuxi

The famous 88 meters Linshan giant Buddha (in the background) a smaller version is in the foreground.

A teapot at the teapot factory

Day 3 - 27 May 2006 Wuxi to Nanjing

Yangtze River Bridge- the pride of the China's engineering technology

Mausoleum of Dr Sun Yat Sen

Day 4 - 28 May 2006 Nanjing to Suzhou

Hangshan Temple area at Suzhou
The leaning pagoda at Tiger Hills. The pagoda is more than 2,000 years old... older than the leaning tower of Pizza

Day 5 - 29 May 2006 Suzhou to Hangzhou

West Lake at Hangzhou

An albino peacock at West Lake gardens

Day 6 - 30 May 2006 Hangzhou

Yue Fei Memorial and Tomb

The finale of a stage show at Hangzhou Theature

Day 7 - 31 May 2006 Shanghai

Lovely scenery at Shanghai Botanical Gardens

Shanghai Acrobatic show at the Shanghai Grand Theatre

Day 8 - 1 June 2006 Shanghai back to Kuala Lumpur
The Shanghai Maglev Train which travels from Shanghai station to the Putong Airport at a maximun speed of 430 km/hr.

The train at its maximum speed of 430 km/h... eat your heart our Micheal Schumacher.. I am faster than you for once!

I would be opening a new blog to record down the day to day experience of my trip in China. The blog will help me to preserve my memories of the trip and also some of the photos that I have taken along the journey.

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Lye Hock said...

welcome back! nice shots, esp the scenery...