25 June 2006

Family dinner

Well it has been a long time since the last family gathering (since Chinese New Year), my sister organised a family dinner at at Chinese restaurant called Chuen Kee at Pudu Ulu. Nothing spectacular about the food but it was a great day where my parents gets to see all their children and grandchildren together.

Here comes the food!!

My brother Kok Khan, sister-in-law Jessica and my niece Crystal and Chelsea

My parents, my brother Kok Choong and sister-in-law, Lee Yoong

My parents, old and grey

The dinner was completed less than an hour. We all then went back to our parent's house for dessert which was a Chocolate Walnut cake I bought from Secret Recipe. It seems that we are having cakes from Secret Receipe all this while.. why? because it's delicious and EXPENSIVE!!

The Chocolate Walnut Cake

My children chatting with their grandparents

A snapshot of me taken by my son

My sister, Iris
Esther fun with Cyrstal
A rare photo of my father (he's 75 years old already) taken by my son

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Selba said...

Oh... a family gathering... so nice!

I haven't been to a family gathering for a very long time... Because the family only left my mom and me, well.. I have to wait to be in a family gathering if I get married someday... :)

I directly look at your mom! She is the same age like my mom. I think they kinda look alike :) you can see my mom's pic in http://selbadays.blogspot.com/2006/10/163.html