08 June 2006

Day 7 - Shanghai

After checking out of our hotel in Hangzhou, we were off again on a 3 hour journey back to Shanghai. We reached Shanghai just in time for lunch.

A nice plate for the steamed chicken, meat at one side while the sauce is on the other.

After lunch we went to the Shanghai Baoshutang Pharmacy Co Ltd which is located in a botanical gardens. Bought some medication for backaches and burn at the place. When we finished, the bus was not in sight. It seems that the driver found a leak and had gone to a local workshop to get it fixed. While waiting for the bus to come back, we spend some time taking photos at the botanical garden.

Having fun while waiting for the bus to arrive at the botanical garden

In the evening, we were at the Shanghai Grand Theatre to watch the Chinese Acrobatic show. It was a wonderful show of acrobatic skills of young Chinese performers. It was a one and half hour show where there were body balancing, juggling and the finale was the motorcycles in death sphere show. Four motorcycles were criss crossing each other in a metal sphere.

After the show, we were taken to the "Bangsar" of Shanghai where the yuppies hang out. We were shown the restaurant that Jackie Chan and other associates has opened up.

A very well laid wall at the"Bangsar" of Shanghai
Jackie Chan's Restaurant

The last night at Shanghai was spend at a hotel close to the bus and train station of Shanghai. The bus horns woke us up early in the morning.

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