07 July 2007


Today, July 7 of the year 2007. All the numbers in the calendar came aligned. So what so special is today.

Well today I went for my company's 777 Bowling Tournament. All staff were requested for teams of 3 men and 3 women to battle it out at the bowling alley. The event was held at One Utama, where we have booked up all the 36 bowllng alley lanes to accommodate all teams participating in the events. It has been more than10 years since I have even bowled. It was out of fun where I was asked by my other colleagues to join in the event. Each of the team member have to bowl a total of 3 games. By the end of my first game, my left leg was already aching. In the even, I managed to pull through all the three games scoring slightly pass 100 points for each game. I did not stay for the prize giving ceremony since I know I am not one of the winner.

I need to rush back to bet myself prepared for another wedding dinner. Coincidentally, today is an auspicious day to get married or a date which can be easily remembered. According to the papers today, fifty couples are set to wed at the Buddhist Maha Vihara in Brickfileds while 121 couples will do so at the Klang Hokkien Association. Today's dinner was on the invitation of one my colleague, Rachel Tan.

Seven also plays something in my life too. I was born on 17 of the month, see the number seven. And I was born in the year of 1961, 6+1 = 7.

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