15 July 2007

Die Harder Harry Porter!!

I killed two movies in a day. None of my family members were interested in watching Die Hard 4.0 I decided to watch the movie on my own since I was lazing on Saturday. At the same time, I planned to take the family out to watch the latest Harry Porter trilogy, Harry Porter and the Order of the Phoenix.

Die Hard 4.0 is where our hero John MaClane (Bruce Willis) saved his country from a criminal plot is in place to take down the entire computer and technological structure that supports the economy of the United States. As in the other Die Hard trilogy, you expect to see car crashes, flying objects (cars, planes and helicopters) and blood. There was no stop action from the start to the end of the movie. However, there are some unconvincing parts where the movie magic did not manage to excite me. There was a scene where the helicopter was chasing and shooting his car where he smash into a fire hydrant. The water from the water hydrant shot up to the helicopter can dislodged the shooter from the helicopter to the ground. How accurate and lucky could such an incident happen??? But I was impressed by our Miss Maggie Q. She plays the part of Mai Linh, the girlfriend of the villain Gabriel. Wow, she is a tough cookie and can really match John MaClane in fights using her kung fu skills. But the best part was she managed to stay on to a SUV where John MaClane drove into her all the way to the elevator shaft!!

At night, took the family to watch Harry Porter and the Order of the Phoenix. Since the movie was just premiered on July 11, getting tickets for the movie would not be easy which is why I decided to buy the tickets early when I went to watch Die Hard 4.

As usual the battle between Harry Porter and Lord Voldemort still has not come to an end. The movie started off with Harry Porter was almost expelled from Hogwarts for using his spell in front of a muggle. This time around we have a "bitch" running Hogwarts. She's Professor Dolores Umbridge who was sent by the Ministry. This time around there was a kissing scene between Harry and Cho Chang. The best part was when Ron and Hermoine asked Harry how was the kiss. Harry replied "It was wet!!!". As in the previous Harry Porter movies, the ending is where we see the good battle with the evil. All hell broke loose where Sirus Black was killed and Professor Dumbledore was the only one who can hold back the attacks of Lord Voldemort. In this movie, we learned about the prophecy that in order for Harry Porter to survive, Lord Voldemort must die or the other way around. So the next offering of the Harry Potter trilogy will give us the anwer on who will die and who will survive. If you cant's wait, go and get the book which should be in the bookstores on 21 July.

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