23 July 2007

Darren's journey to the Optician

Last Monday, my son Darren approached me and said "Papa, are you free on Sunday?". I said yes and asked him the reason for asking me. He said that he could not see clearly the writing on the white board in his class and requested me to bring him to the Optician to have a check on his eyes.

On Saturday I brought him to an optical shop at Leisure Mall, the same shop where I did my glass to have his eyes checked. I requested the shop assistant to check Darren's sight to see whether he is short sighted. The machine came out with a reading that he was short sighted on both his eye. The level of short sightedness was minimal and he could afford not to wear corrective glasses at the moment. Darren said that he wanted to get a pair of glasses to give him the comfort when he is attending his classes. So I agreed to make him a pair of glasses.

Since the machine reading was a guide of his short sightedness, he would require to be examine by an Optician to have an accurate reading of his short sightedness. However, the refractor room was occupied, so he began to choose a frame for his glass. Wow, I was surprise by the glass frame that he has chosen. Some were way too fashionable for him to wear in school. I am sure that the teachers would disagree with those fashionable type of lens frames. In the end he found one which is simple and practical.

Off he went into the refractor room to have his eyes examine by the Optician. The readings of his short sightedness by the Optician were a bit higher than that read by the machine. So, the reading was confirmed and there was stock of the lenses in the shop. The lenses can be fitted to the frame within an hour's time.

Darren having his eyes examined by the Optician

An hour later, he was trying on his new glasses and he looks good with them. Here a photo of him with the glasses.

He is now happy wearing his glasses in school and he told me that could now see clearly what is written on the white board of his class.


Selba said...

Dareen looks good with the glasses... getting to look more like his father :)

Chan Kok Kuen said...

Thanks for your comment Selba. Everyone always say that Dareen is a direct mould of me. But honestly, he looks better than me since he also has some of his mother's look!!