23 July 2007

Battle of the good and evil

The battle between the bookstores and the hypermarkets over the book Harry Porter and the Deadly Hallows was like a battle between the good and evil.

But the question is who is the good and who is evil?

Well in the beginning the good were the bookstores who took the liberty to take advance orders for the last book of the Harry Porter trilogy at RM109.90). But the bookstores' evil intentions were exposed when the hypermarkets started to sell the same book at a much lower price (RM69.90).

The battle continues when the bookstores realised that their evil intentions would backfired. They went for a press release to say that they no longer would sell the book and all activities related to the book release were cancelled.

However, were the hypermarkets the hero or the villains? Well I would say that the hypermarkets were the hero in selling the books at a discount of RM40-00 per book where more people can afford to get a copy. Now I start to wonder what will happen to all those unsold books that the bookstores have ordered. Will there be another price war???

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