21 February 2006

The New Honda Civic in Malaysia

After many postings on the new Honda Civic, it's finally going to be launched in Malaysia on 9 March 2006. Honda Malaysia have a countdown website dedicated to the launch of the new car in Malaysia. Click on this link to go to the launch site.

I called my sales rep for Honda for some information of the car. She (yes.. it's she) said that the price has not be confirmed but the indicative price is RM120K for the 1.8 model while the 2.0 model will cost about RM135K. First reaction is that the price of the car is high but when you compare the price to an Altis, the pricing is comparable.

Delivery period will be about 1 1/2 months, but it's just an indicative waiting period. The last time I placed my order on my Accord, she also mentioned to me to wait for a month, but the came in 3 weeks time considering the black colour that I choose is the most popular colour for the Accord.

I will definitely be at the show room on 11 March (Saturday) to view the car after a long, long wait for it's arrival. I also heard that there will be a "facelifted" Honda Accord be launch in June/July this year. Maybe it will look like the 2006 Honda that has been launched in USA. The changes would be on the tail lights..

To Thiagarajan, after much advise from all of us, it's time to change your 12 year old Peugeot to the Accord or at least the Civic. Don't bother about the bloody DASHBOARD design!!!

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