12 February 2006

Visit to the Fo Gung Shan Dong Zen Temple

It has been a common practice for me to visit various temples during Chinese New Year. One temple which have received much publicity is the Fo Gung Shan Dong Zen (FGSDZ) Temple which is located at Jenjarom. For those who don't know where is Jenjarom, well it was a small (but very rich people staying there) town on your way from Klang to Banting. I anted to visit the temple after watching the feature of the temple in NTV7 and at the same time I would like to snap some photos of the surrounding of the temple.

We went to FGSDZ temple on the evening of the second day of CNY (30 January 2006), my wife wanted to avoid the hot and humid. But instead of avoiding the heat and humidity, there were some many people in their cars heading to the same direction. Cars were queuing up to the temple, parking space were limited. I have to drop off my family near the temple to get a parking for my car.

When I reached the temple, I could not reach my family over the phone, guess why? Network was too congested maybe due to limited coverage for Maxis in the area. Got fed up of trying to reach them, I ventured alone snapping photos here and there. Too bad my Nikon Coolpix 880 was not geared for night photos and the photos you see are the best I could have taken. Looks like I to consider getting a Nikon D50 or D70s to enable me to take better photos. see more photos at my photo blog.

Buddha's faceThe lovely lanterns hung around the temple
More lanterns

In the end, my wife managed to send me a SMS on their location and I went looking for them at the location where the whole family was re-united.

After the end of walking around the temple, it was time to go home. Guess what? A long jam of cars awaited us from Jenjarom to the Kesas Highway. It took me over 45 minutes to get to Kesas from Jenjarom.

Since we did not have out dinner before going to the temple, we landed having supper at a HongKong style cafe at Leisure Mall at midnight.

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