13 February 2006

Valentine's Day? What's that?

Yeah yeah yeah, Valentine's Day falls on every February 14 of the year, who doesn't know that? To me, it's just another day... Boring me isn't it? Well before you jump to any conclusion, let's look at the fact.

It's only February 14, a traditional day "invented" by the westerners to celebrate LOVE. Why only one day? Why not every day?

According to the Sunday Times dated yesterday (12 February 2006), there are a total of 5.0 million males and female above the age of 15 years and above who are never married. These people are single by choice. 3.1 million are male while 2.4 million are female. Is Cupid doing it work?

When it's all said and done I was one of the victim of the Cupid. Twenty years later and with three children, the arrow that have been stuck with me still is in my heart! Why? Because every day is a Valentine's Day.

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SooHK said...

Cupid dones its work, is just that a lot of people start to wear bullet proof vest...make of work (face work more than human), greedy (look for more handsome/beautiful alternative like Cindy Crawford, Richard Gere).....and etc.. etc...