12 February 2006

Update on the launch of the new Honda Civic in Malaysia

Here are some spy photos of the new Honda Civic which is tentative to be launch next month. The spy photos were featured at Paul Tan's webiste.

These spy shots were sent in by a reader, and apparently they were shot being test driven in Shah Alam. Minimal camouflage with only some black strips on the sides of the cars and the rear light cluster covered up. There are also no badges on the car, but the shape is just too recognisable!

The 2006 Honda Civic, this time with a frontal spyshot. Looking good. The square Honda badgeƂ’s outline is kind of visible through all the masking. Headlamps disguised. And it kind of looks like the wing mirrors are wrapped with tape too, so maybe we have signal indicators on the signal lamp, otherwise there would be no reason to mask it out.


SooHK said...

Honestly the version in asia which is thai, malaysia and...is not as good as the one in europe...

Chan Kok Kuen said...

I agred that the model is the same as from Thai... ASEAN mah!!! Cannot compare with the European version.

I cannot say much about the greatness of Honda or else will start a war between the Honda dn Toyota lovers!!!

But you already know that I am a Honda dir hard fan (other than a errari fan too)