28 February 2006

So where the bloody hell are you

Australia launched a new A$180 million ($133 million) advertising campaign which seeks to attract international tourists by swearing at them. “Where the bloody hell are you? Asks the new campaign launched by Australian Tourism Minister Fran Bailey. Bailey said the campaign will target potential tourists in China, Japan, India, the United States, Germany and Britain and would be rolled out in the next few weeks. It echoes the hugely successful. “Put another shrimp on the barbie” tourism campaign of the 1980s, which featured singlet-wearing comedian Paul Hogan and which lured an estimated 250,000 American tourists to Australia. The new campaign, which can be seen on Tourism Australia Web site (www.wherethebloodyhellareyou.com), features a series of Australian backdrops. It begins with characters saying: “We'’ve poured you a beer and we've had the camels shampooed, we'’ve saved you a spot on the beach … and we'’ve got the sharks out of the pool. A bikini-clad woman then asks: So where the bloody hell are you?.

So Malaysian to attract more tourism, we should boldly say "Lu sudah puki mana?"

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SooHK said...

good one....ikut sama petrol price...