05 March 2006

2nd week of casualties at American Idol

his time around 2 boys and 2 girls got go get out of ther ace of becoming an American Idol. Well after the performance and judges comments on the girls and boys, the contestants that were eliminated were not surprise at all:

Heather Cox who sang Hero. Good performance but the song does not suit her.

Brenna Gethers, finally the hated girl has been eliminated.

David Radford, guess those oldies songs could not rope in any good votes. My guess is that the voters are youngster who have much time sending their votes while the phone while their were not watching or did not bother to vote.

Jose "Sway" Panala, sad to see him go but his own voice is not there.

What I like during the elimination show, Simon managed to guess the actual person that would be voted out. However, I was shocked that Kevin Covais is the bottom three that receive the lowest votes. Elliot Yamin sounds real good, the girls Lisa and Paris are going stronger.

Waiting for next week's performance to see who will be going back home.

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