12 March 2006

First hand look at the new Honda Civic

I finally have the chance to see the new 8th Generation Civic at the showroom. I promised my "sales advisor" that I will be at the showroom on Saturday after 10.00 a.m. after sending my daughter to work at leisure Mall, I was at the showroom with my son. Many people there, admiring at the new car.

The show room have two units of the new Civic, the metallic blue 1.8 version and the new colour bronze silver (metallic grey) 2.0 version. Wow, it was a beauty from the outside.

From the price list, the 1.8 version cost RM117.8 OTR while the 2.0 version is RM131.8 OTR. So Honda is giving the Toyota and Nissan boys (No fight for the boys at Proton) a run for their money should a person consider the Altis or the Sentra. I would like to discuss much on this or else I would have a bunch of hate mails shooting at me!!
The dash board is the most attractive part of the car. The 2.0 version is the better version (why not, it cost RM14K more), when compared to the 1.8 version. Differences between the two versions are:
  • Additional controls at the steering wheel for cruise control and entertainment centre control (for sound volume and change of radio channels)
  • Pedal gear shift just like a formula 1 car where you can shift gears up and down.
  • A 6 in dash CD changer (single disc only for the 1.8 version)
However, my son did not like the car.. why because he enjoys the Accord much more than any other cars!!

Anyone interest to get the new Civic, I don't mind being the introducer to my "sales advisor", she's an ANGEL!.

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