10 March 2006

Week 3 of American Idol

Well the week really flies, it felt like just a moment ago that I have blog on the second week's casualties of American Idol. Today another 4 contestant got voted out again leaving the final 12 contestants of 6 boys and 6 girls.

This week the one that got to say goodbye were:

Gedeon McKinney, the ever smiling man. Actually I think he has some disorder of his teeth and lips where he cannot get them to close off. But luckily his teeth looks white and he seemed to be smiling all the while. Last night he sang "When A Man Loves A Women" , the judges felt that the song was too old for him to sing.

Will Makar, he sang terribly last night. I was not surprise that he was voted out.

Kinnik Sky, the judges seems to be always comparing her with the younger contestant like Paris and Lisa. She did not sing well. I wonder how she got the surname "SKY".

Alya Brown, the tallest girl of the group. She is a good singer but I think she did so well. I was a bit surprise that she did not get much vote. I would have thought that Melissa McGhee would be one that we will be saying goodbye.

In week three, my favourite singers are Lisa Tucker, Paris Bennett, Chris Daugthry, Elliot Yamin and the powerful Mandisa (her surname was not made known)

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