05 March 2006

30 sen increase in fuel price burnt a hole in my pocket

It was a real shocker when the Government announced an increase of 30 sen to the petrol price. I got to know the news over the radio while driving to work on 1 March. I though I heard it wrong but the big headlines in the paper confirmed it.

Normally a full tank petrol cost me RM80-00 , this time around the price of RM100-00 for a full tank... an additional of RM20-00 per full tank. Guess that I will not be traveling so much if it is not necessary on Saturdays and Sunday.

The sudden increase in fuel price will definitely see the spiral rise in food and transportation prices. But where's the salary increase??? But what the heck life still need to go on... 30 sen or RM1-00 increase we will still have pay as long as we need to drive our cars unless you can get yourself an oil well in your backyard!!!

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