25 March 2006

My latest toy

After much consideration and holding back my urge.. I finally committed myself to get a digital SLR. It was a tough choice between the Nikon D50 and D70s. Why is is so tough? well it's the cost between the two models, the D70s cost RM1,000 more than the D50 but the features of the D70s is much more than the D50.

I was at the shop at Sungai Wang today to get the camera. I was there with my son. At the shop, we took the two models out and made comparison between the D50 and the D70s. The shop assistant also recommended the Canon 350, but I am not a Cannon person and further more, the size of the camera is smaller which I think a SLR should be of larger in size when compared to other compact digital camera. Furthermore, holding a bigger SLR let you have the satisfaction that we are of a different league or breed from those who are using the compact cameras.
My son was not much of a help when I asked him which one of one of the two models should I go for.

Finally, I made up my mind, it's the D70s, what the heck RM1,000 more but I can have much more feature to play with without having regretting not having them when the need the feature.

I bought the camera together with a UV filter which also acts as the lens protector and a Nikon camera bag to house all the accessories when I on the move.

Now after the decision and been made and the camera in my hands, it's time to learn the features and ready for more photo shootings.


Lye Hock said...

Congrats on yr latest toy! At last you succumbed to the strong force of the dark side.... You won't regret it, that I can assure you. And welcome to the club!

Chan Kok Kuen said...

Yeah, the temtation was too hard to resist to move over to the "DArk Side" of the D70s. I am having a wonderful time playing with it. At the same time, I am also coaching my son to hold the SLR. His hand are a bit small but he managed!

Anonymous said...

Congrats my dear friend. It's always nice to have an enchanted hobby like photography. I am sure you will have lots of fun! Mine me, it's addictive. Let me know if you are going on one of your photo trips, would gladly love to join in! Cheers TT