10 March 2006

Let the race begin!! It's Formula 1 time again

Yes, the Formula 1 season for 2006 will start at Bahrain this Saturday. As of every year there are changes to the rules and regulations which was to make " the cars safer and slower". The most obvious would be the engine of the cars will be V8 instead of the V10, Horsepower will surely be reduced, but I am waiting to see what is the impact of the lap time that will achieve by the cars.

The qualify method is also changed, I would not elaborate much because I do not understand it is run. Let's just see how the qualifying is done this Saturday and I will have a better picture.

As usual, my loyalty stays with Ferrari and Michael Schumacher to win races. I will be also watching close the Honda team (since I am also driving a Honda). Ruben and Jenson will pose strong challenges to other teams.

The new team BMW Sauber does Malaysian proud by having Petronas as one of its sponsor. If you have watch the TV, BMW and Petronas has carried two advertisement which I find very amusing. The first ad is about a Malay boy who is playing with a replica of the BMW Formula 1 car while his father was reading the papers. The father was annoyed when the boy made the sound of a Formula 1 which disturb his concentration. When his father advised him to be quiet down, the boy answered back in German speaking the facts of a Formula 1 car. The father looks puzzled. On the other ad, it was the reversed of the first. A German boy was playing with a replica BMW Formula 1 car in the snow. His father came out of the house and told him to quite down, guess what the boy spoke in Malay on facts on Formula 1 car!! Wow, what a way to promote the tie up of two big companies BMW (German) and Petronas (Malaysian).

Incidentally, the Malaysian organisers for the Sepang Race has been busy to promote the race to get more people to the circuit. RM50 for 3 days at Sepang!! Wow, that's a great way to spend 3 days in the sun (or rain) at Sepang watching the greatest show on earth. Yesterday, my colleague told me that his daughter's was give free tickets to attend the race at Sepang. The tickets were not only given to her but also to the whole class (maybe the whole) school. My guess is that the organisers would like to fill up all the places on the hill side of the Sepang circuit. Empty hills are a sore eye to the organiser when the race is broadcast live all over the world.

Sad to day I will not be at Sepang. I rather be relaxing at home watching it at the comfort of my sofa, sipping a can of Coke and able to see the race from every angle of the Sepang circuit!!!

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