26 March 2006

X-files - The Truth is Out There

I have been a keen follower of the X-files series where it starred David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson. However when David Duchovny call it quit, I did not follow the series till the end. Luckily for us now, we can get popular TV series in DVD boxes.

I have earlier mentioned that I got hold of the series 24 DVD box set for season 4 (I am anxiously waiting for the arrival of Season 5).

I managed to get hold of the full 9 seasons of X-files series in one single box. The box cost me RM210-00 from Sg Wang. Inside there are 14 double sided DVDs. Each DVD can be played on both side. One side consist of 2 "disc" of about 4 show each. Overall I will need a long long time before I could find all the 9 seasons of X-files. at least I would not miss out on any episodes at all. I can afford to watch the series at my own pace.

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