03 October 2006

Absent for a while

I would like to apologize for regular followers of my blog that I have not been posting any of my writings. Actually, there is no actual excuse, can I say that I am a bit lazy to write or I cannot find to things to write about.

Well after my last blog posting, I been transferred to my need job posting. I was there since 20 September, and I have to learn my new assignments were assigned. I was glad that I am reporting back to my previous boss who has been in this department for the past 2 years. Since we know each other and how each other's work, we got along very well and shared our thoughts to the messy situation that the organisation is experiencing.

I was assigned to evaluate test plans, sign them off for testing and subsequently verify the test results before I sign it off for implementation. Come to think of it my assignment is rather powerful. If I don't sign off, nothing can move!! But it's not all fun, coming to the end of the month, every one was after me to sign off their test results because they wanted the new implementation at the end of the month. Wow, on 28 and 29 September was the worse, tons and tons of test results arrived on my table waiting for my verification and sign off. Luckily, I managed to sail through without much hitches.

I was assigned a staff who I have known for a very long time, but his reputation is not good. Why? Medically he is not that good, eye problem and skin problem. What more is that his MC is piling high almost once a week (from what I gathered).

Apart from the signing of test plans and results, I was also assigned to plan out the training requirements and program for other staff in my department. That task is easier said than done.

Apart from all the happenings, I was kept in touch with the happenings at my previous department. I gathered that there was some difficult situations in my previous department which has created some dissatisfaction among some staff. Huh... I think to myself that they were so lucky when I around when most of the administration things and decisions were made by me. Now they have to fend for themselves. I am confident that everything will go through OK as time goes by.

I am getting on fine with my new assignments. Luckily for me I have been exposed to most of the systems of my organisation and did not find much difficulties in carrying out my work. I am confident that I can get on very well.

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