24 October 2006

My pet gold fishes

It has been a long time since I have mentioned about my gold fishes. It has been slight more than a year since I started my aquarium of fishes. It took a while before I learn how to keep the fishes alive. Many gold fishes were dead before I finally learn how to keep them alive as long as possible. The fishes in the picture below has been with me for over a year. I can really see them grow from time I bought them. The only main problem that I have currently is to maintain a crystal clear water environment in the tank. The water tend to get a bit cloudy after I changed the water. I could not maintain the clear water environment as what the shops were able to.

My last count of fishes in my tank was 20 which exclude the big Bandaraya fish that have grown from a 2 1/2 inches baby Bandaraya when I bought it till it has grown to about 8 inches now. He's a bit naughty and tend "play" with the gold fishes by sucking their bodies (The Bandaraya fish was suppose to such the algae which grown on the glass wall of the tank.. that's how it got it's name).

20 fishes are a bit crowded for a 2 1/2 feet tank and the fishes are growing. See how it goes, I might even expand the size of my aquarium or even get a new tank in future.

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