04 October 2006

The news was out!

Yesterday the news of my transfer to my new posting was circulated to the whole organisation. I got calls and e-mails from people near and far. Near I mean in KL, far, I mean as far as in Sabah.

Some of them called to say congratulations thinking that my transfer was a promotion. Some called to asked how come I am back to my old department which I have left 10 yeas ago. I told all of them, that it was not a promotion transfer, my grade and salary remained unchanged. It was just only a transfer and no matter where I am in the organisation I still need to work.

The nice thing that when the calls and e-mail arrived, I felt happy because these are the people who has known me for such a long time and was concerned on my well being. I can say that these people are my friends and colleagues who have been supporting me all this while. And it was their support that have kept me in in this organisation. It made me realised that I have done something in my previous posting that have had an impact on them, work wise that is!

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Tharama said what a lost to the dept.