17 October 2006

Happy Birthday Papa Chan

Yes, it's my birthday today. My 45th Grand Birthday. Why Papa Chan? Well, the children wrote on the envelope of the birthday card was addressed to "Papa Chan Kok Kuen". Today my wife ordered the birthday cake from Secret Recipe where the top of the cake was written as "Happy Birthday Papa Chan" (see photo), so I decided to wish myself "Happy Birthday Papa Chan"!!.

OK, the dinner for the birthday was held earlier on Sunday at SouledOut.. yeah the kids and me were a bit high from drinking the red wine that we ordered. Today, as usual, birthdays are celebrated at home with a cake. This time around, the cake was a Chocolate Walnut cake from Secret Recipe. It seems that we always ordered our cake from this shop.. the cakes are really nice for the price that you pay. I was wearing the T-shirt my children gave me during the cake cutting ceremony. Ahh.. no need to say much, just look at the photos.
In the morning my wife presented me my birthday present. It was a Mount Blanc roller ball pen. What a surprise! I have seen these pens at the Mount Blanc shoppe at KLCC and they cost a lot. The pen that was presented to me cost about RM1K. For the moment, I will not use it daily (my usual daily pen is a Parker roller ball). I will keep it in the box safely at home until the time to really show it off.
I would like to thank all the well wishers who have wished me Happy Birthday via phone and e-mails and SMS. Especially t my lovely wife and children, Pauline Goh, Zainab and Monica who called me, Tricia,Thiaga and Siva who have e-mailed me, Patricia who have SMS me who have called me over the phone. Also thanks to Margaret for the lovely present.


Lye Hock said...

Happy birthday, bro! Nice t-shirt..

Chan Kok Kuen said...

Thanks, the T-shirt was choosen by my children. They want their dad to look young and hip!

MissLonelyHeart said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Enjoy life to da max!!