22 October 2006

The new Toyota Camry Vs the new face lift Honda Accord

WARNING: Toyota car owners or fans do not proceed to read this posting.

You would know that I am a Honda fan and writing a comparison between the Camry and the Accord would a very bias one. Still I would want to write about my opinion about the new Camry vs the Accord.

The Accord was face lifted on it's back side with new LED lights. Looks kind of a Mercedes. The change in the design was to suit the US market. Read more of the test drive and opinion of the new Honda Account from Paul Tan.

The Camry was just launched in Malaysia just less than 2 weeks ago. The car was fully "imported" from Thailand because it is not locally assembled like the other Toyota model. I managed to view the car at a nearly showroom. My comments on the car is as follows:

  • The back looks like a BMW 7 series.
  • The front grill looks like an Audit A4 or A6
  • The centre console separating the driver and the passenger was hugh. I guess it is used to hide off the air condition duct and blower which caters for the rear passengers.
  • The air condition comes with Plasmacluster, the same concept used in refrigerators to keep the food fresh. What are they trying to imply? The car is a fridge to the passengers or if you want t be fresh stay longer in the car while switching on the air condition.
  • The gap between the front grill and the radiator and air condition grill was hugh with nothing covering it (The Accord has a cover over the gap to keep a good look of the engine compartment).
  • The air intake to the carburetor/fuel injection unit was exposed right in front of the engine compartment/
  • The price... huh.. the lower version which is the 2.0E was RM139K (OTR) while the 2.0G is RM149K (OTR). More expensive compared to the Accord.

Overall, the Camry did not impress me at all. The design and the pricing was not able to entice me to have a second look or consideration for a change of my car.

The Accord is still my favorite. (I was planning to post a photo of the new Camry here but after much consideration I decided not to).

See how bias I am to Honda compared to Toyota!!

P/S Follow this link to a nice Honda Accord Site Made in Thailand.

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