20 January 2007

Change of Blog Template

My blog was moved to the new version just recently. Unless some blogs where Blogger has managed to be upgraded promptly, mine took a long time maybe because there are many postings and photos in it. With the introduction of new features, I decided to change my blog template.

I can see that the blog archive and the label guide as a useful feature to enable easier navigation of the my blog postings. It come in handy as the number of posting in my blog increases. With the introduction of the labels, you can go directly to postings that I have labelled (there are many postings where I have hot placed the labels).

Other than the above, the blog's background is now white with black font where you can read my postings and see my photos better.

So enjoy and if you don't like it do let me kne.

1 comment:

Selba said...

Oh... this blog template is the same as mine (google account).
Nice.. white and clean :)