15 January 2007

Honda Accord Coupe Concept

I have posted some futuristic pictures of the Honda Accord on 9 December 2006. Before I knew it, Honda unveiled it's Honda Coupe Concept at the Detroit Motor Show 2006. The Honda Accord Coupe Concept carries Honda’s new trapezoidal grille on it’s nose. This new grille style first appeared on the new Honda Stream, and then a variation of it appeared on the new 3rd generation Honda CR-V.

Being an ardent Honda fan and a proud owner of an Accord, the concept car looks very sleek and futuristic. I think I can now start to save enough money to buy it when the sedan model is officially launch which by then my current Account will be due for replacement.


Selba said...

Honda has been always my favourite!!! :D

She is so beautiful, isn't she?

Chan Kok Kuen said...

Selba, great to know that you are a Honda fan.