23 January 2007

I Dream of an iMac

My kids and I were at Mid-Valley on Sunday to catch the movie "A Night At the Museum", a very enjoyable movie for the family both young (that's me) and younger (that's my children). Then it was lunch at Madam Kwan. My son choose the restaurant because his favourite store is just outside the restaurant - Toy "R" Us.

Just before we leave for home, we hung out at MacWorld a store which sells all Apple products. I was always interested in an Apple because of it uniqueness in hardware design and operating system. What kept me away from owing an Apple is due to lack of cheap software contribution by our helping "pirates". Another factor is the cost of the hardware. The cost of an Apple is fixed where ever you buy it from, the price is controlled. The cost of the lowest end iMac with a 17" screen cost RM3,999-00. Unless Windows based PCs, I can pick and mixed the type of configuration that I want for the PC, the Apple does not allows me this flexibility.
However, after handling a iMac last Sunday, I dream of owning an Apple. Why you may ask? well, I saw the photos of the Florothon that were posted in my blog.... the picture turned out to be more vibrant, sharper and I could not believe those picture shown on the iMac were taken by me!!! A review of the price of the iMac of RM3,999-00.. ehhh the price is costly but that's the price to pay for being unique and the price is not much higher than a Windows based notebook. With everything built into a single casing, it saves a lot of space. I have also read an article written by Ken Rockwell on why professional use Mac which managed to convince me the advantages in using a Mac.

My children also love the iMac. They were having a wonderful time using the software called Photo Booth. With the use of the webcam which is installed in the iMac, they capture and create the weird photos using the software.

Here are samples of the photos that they have captured using the software.

For now, owing an iMac would just be a dream and a wish of mine.


Selba said...

Hahaha... your children become so funny :D

Wow... iMac? gosh... all apple products are so cool!!! I would like to have one like iPod, iPhone etc. but so far I only got a pink iSock which delivered from KL, kekeke

Chan Kok Kuen said...

Like you, I do not own any Apple products yet but I have bought an iPod as a present for one of my former staff as a resignation present .

My kids are really freaky over their photos. From the last photo, from left its Carrie, Esther and Darren.

Chan Kok Kuen said...

Oops I wrong, it should be from left, Esther, Carries and Darren.
Both the sisters looks almost the same.

SooHK said...

I think probably the monitor need calibration...use the money to buy another good lens hahaha a photographer thoughts...

Selba said...

Hahaha.... you got mixed up with your gals! Well, it's true lor.. they really look alike, like twins :)

Whoaaa.. you bought your former staff an iPod? should buy one for yourself too!!! :D

Chan Kok Kuen said...


I don't need an iPOD cos I already have a Sony Walkman.
Furthermore, I listen to music in my car where the sound system is much better. But it only for the duration when I am driving to and from work.