06 August 2007

Chun Li with the other super heros were in town!!!

On 28 August all the Superheros gathered at Sunway Resort & Spa for the Annual event of "The Magical World of Cartoons". My friend Pauline has got herself dressed up for the theme at Chun Li, one of the characters from "The Street Fighters". It was a great effort taken by her to gather all the necessary materials to enable her to resemble Chun Li. The wardrobe was tailor-made to be similar to the character. The white boots were bought in Singapore during her outing there during the Grand Singapore Sale. The studded bangle were handmade by her. She has commissioned a hairdresser to dress up her hair with the matching white ribbons tying up her hair buns.

During the gathering at Sunway, she managed to pose with other superhero characters like Davy Jones (is he a cartoon character?), Batwoman and many other characters. She even managed to have a battle with The Thing (guess who won).

She has given me permission of publish her photos in my blog.

Who is who?

Gathering of cartoon characters???

The battle rages on with The Thing

Hey, Bumble Bee of Transformers?.. Transform lah!!!

Davy Jones out of the seas.. must have came from Sunway Lagoon


SpectraGuy said...

Wow, those guys really had a great time, eh ?? :)

Body ART Philippines said...

hi ! is the transformer costume in plastic? =)