26 August 2007

MIFC - 25 August 2007

I was at the Malaysia International Fireworks Competition again on Saturday. It was the turn of the Italian to show what fire power they have. This time around my children were also during the show. We left home at 7.45 p.m. , I have the feeling there will be many people flocking to Putrajaya to see the fireworks since it was a Saturday and the news of how spectacular the fireworks has been effectively been publicized. True enough, there were so many cars on the road leading to Putrajaya.

I went up to the Putrajaya International Convention Centre by paying RM10 for the parking. The car [ark was full and I knew that I have to quickly get on to the Mezzanine floor to grab a place to put my tripod and also get a good view for my children. Even though there are already many people there, we were lucky to have a spot where we can get a good view overlooking the bridge and the firing area of fireworks.

The fireworks started at exactly 10.00 p.m. The Italian have a spectacular fireworks that managed to become heart and star shape when it burst in the skies. The ending was an explosive one where all hell broke loose. The fireworks managed to light up the whole sky and the photo captured was only a plain white patch (due to the bright fireworks and long exposure time).

As usual, the traffic jam was another nightmare. This time, the jam was worse. We managed to reach home at 2.00 a.m. after supper at a nearby mamak shop.

The next big bang will be the Japanese Team on 30 August where the fireworks will start at 12.00 midnight to coincide with Hari Merdeka. I would expect a much bigger crowd then.

Here are some of the photos of the show. See many more photos are my Flickr Album.

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