23 August 2007

Malaysia International Fireworks Competition - 22 August 2007

The Australian Team took the stage on 22 August 2007 for the Malaysia International Fireworks Competition. This time around I bought a ticket which entitled me to be at the Ground Floor of the PICC which is one floor above where I stood during the first night of the competition on 18 August 2007. There were many people who came to Putrajaya to see the fireworks. Many of them were at PICC but most of them were scattered all over the Putrajaya grounds.

The nice thing about being on the ground floor is that I am able to listen to the soundtrack that accompany the fireworks where the sound and the fireworks would synchronize with each other. The full fireworks show lasted 20 minutes. The Australian team's fireworks was spectacular. I would say that it is better than the Malaysian Team. But there are still 2 other teams (Japan and Italy) to compete when the final results would be known.

Here are 15 of the best shots taken during the event.

The finale of the show where all hell (fireworks) broke loose!!!

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