26 August 2007

Foreign Cows in Putrajaya

It was the worse traffic jam that I have ever experienced in Putrajaya last night (25 August) after Team Italy's fireworks display. Tried going to Dengkil.. long queue jam, turned backed to try Kajang way.. again the same result. It was almost one hour of circling around that me and my children finally ended back at the PICC and was driving towards the Government offices. Suddenly we saw a bunch of aliens.. alien cows.

Colourful painted cows at the Ministry of Agriculture. It turned out that there were 28 beautifully coloured "European" fiberglass cows that were part of a tour of Malaysia starting at the Putrajaya.

The cows – known as the European Union Herd of Cows – are painted by artists and school children using typical national symbols for each country in the union. Each cow weighs around 300kg.

We could not help ourselves and stopped at the place for snap shots.

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