05 August 2007

Lazy and busy

It has been a hectic week in Manila. As I have mentioned, I landed on Sunday in Manila. Everyday of the week was occupied with the staff at Manila office in planning of the project.

This time around I stayed in Mandarin Oriental Hotel. The name of the hotel sounded great but do not be fooled. The condition of the hotel is a bit run down with smelly carpet and cracking wallpaper. The room cost me USD103-00 before VAT and tax and I consider it not cheap. Furthermore, the hotel was located a distance from my Manila office and the malls. The only concession was that there was daily transportation taking me from the hotel to office and back to the hotel in the evening. Having my meals is a hassle because there were limited restaurants near the hotel. The last night of of stay, my colleagues and I landed ourselves a a Koren restaurant called Kaya. The cost of the bill came up to PHP2,700 which is about RM210.

Flew back to KL on Friday and reached home about 10.30 p.m.

Nothing much happened for the week end. I have been lazying at home watching the TV and on the internet.

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