20 September 2006

First day at my new posting

I reported to my new workplace today after attending a 2 days course. Wow what a change compared to my previous working place.

Firstly, the place is exceptionally quite, why because most of the people are on the field performing their work.
Secondly, the pace of work is totally different. Here the pace of work is like comparing when I was driving a Formula 1 car with driving a Perodua Kancil!
Thirdly, the environment is so tense where I could hardly find something to crake a joke (maybe it's only the first day)

I found my new cubicle right outside my boss's room. He can actually sees whatever I am doing but it's OK, he was my former boss before he was transferred to this place.

What I found most uncomfortable was that he BIG BOSS has decided to revoke my Internet e-mail (he had earlier on revoked my Internet access before I came). Now I am totally cut of from Internet access and Internet mail.

Another rule of the house is that all communication will have to be signed off by the BIG BOSS. Even managers are not allowed to disseminated any communication as representative of the this working place. Wow that's like clipping off the wings that I have grown for the past 10 years. What the heck, it's his domain let him have the final say.

But work is work wherever you go, I would just have to follow the rules laid upon me or else I would not know what will happen to me.

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