11 September 2006

Jay Chou's Still Fantasy

Jay Chou’s 7th Album “Still Fantasy” which was scheduled to be released on 9 September 2006 was released earlier by 4 days as his record company found out that there was leakage in the source CD and the songs were available for download via various sites in the Internet (particularly those using bit-torrent). Actually, my daughter told me about the leakage because her friend managed to download the songs.

I went over to KLCC’s Tower Records to get me an original copy of the album which comes along with a DVD of 2 music videos from songs of the album.

Ahhh.. before that I did not tell you all that I am a Jay Chou fan(I have mentioned this in my posting where I wrote above "Fearless"). I kind of like him songs after listen to it when it was played by my daughters. After listening to his songs I bought a VCD of his Taipei concert and I was hooked. Then I bought his 6th album “November Chopin” and it was played very frequently in my car. After that there was the release of his song from the soundtrack of “Fearless”. I bought that too where it comes with the DVD of the music videos of “November Chopin”. Today I bought his latest released album “Still Fantasy”.

Going back to my story of where I bought the album at Tower Records hen I went over to the counter to pay for my purchase, the cashier asked me “Kamu mahu poster Jay Chou tak?”. What is she thinking that I am too old to have the poster of Jay Chou? I replied “Kalau ada poster tentu lah saya mahu, Ada kah anda piker saya telalu tua untuk membeli album ini?. She was taken aback and smiles and immediately handed me the poster. Wah, she thinks I too old to buy a Jay Chou album huh? Hey this old man is still very young at heart and I have not told her that also listen to all the latest hit songs. Even my daughter’s friend was surprise when I tuned to Hitz.Fm from the radio of my car!!

My immediate response from listening to the songs from the album is that that the album was good and a bit mellow down with less rapping. The music video featured Jay Chou next inclination which is directing and acting. I think he got the kick from acting in “Initial D” and got an awards for that too. Overall, my money was well spent on the album plus the DVD of the music video.

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