14 September 2006

Going away gathering in the office

Today, the office had a makan gathering for the farewell of Edward Lee who is resigning and my going away. The caterer came with her trolley of food and once the food were laid, I was called to start the "ball rolling". I was surprised by Laily who informed that there was nasi dagang. It was what I wished for when she asked me what sort of rice did I wanted for the gathering but the bulk of the rice was nasi tomato.

After everyone had finish their food, comes the time for the souvenir giving and small speeches. I was not ready for the speech and just wish the rest of my staff good luck and told them I would still be around even though I will on a different floor. My ever comical boos, Ephrem Louis presented me the card and souvenir to me. It was pewter ware from Royal Selangor. A very cute name card holder and a pen holder (see picture).

Here some photos of the event:

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