11 September 2006

Happy retirement Micheal!!

Micheal Schumacher finally announced his retirement from Formula 1 racing at the end of this 2006 season. He made the announcement during the victory interview at Monza. Well, his retirement announcement did not come as a surprise because there were already much speculation on this matter. I think he have realised that he is not getting much younger when he was beaten by Alonso to the championship in 2005. Anyway, it's time to allow the younger driver (and also those who have been racing long but without any podium finishing) to shine.

Ferrari has also announced that Kimi Raikkonnen (my son did not this annoucement) has been signed up for a three year contract and Felipe Massa has also been retained after showing much promises in racing and winning the recent Turkish Grand Prix.

Even after the announcement of his retirement, it's still not over for Micheal because he has to close the gap between himself and Alonso. The difference between Micheal and Alonso is only a mere 2 championship points. Three more races remain before the season end. The three races are all held outside Europe which are at Shanghai, Suzuka and Interlagos. It's going to be an exciting three remaining races to see whether Alonso can still work his way to retain his reign as the champion.

Best of luck Micheal and may you retire with your 8th World Championship !!


brenda said...

Wow, u too followup closely F1. Not bad. Well, its times up for Schuey to live the FI with a high note. Its always better to live when people still cheer and Schuey is finishing on the podium. Hope you too leaving to new department with cheers.

Chan Kok Kuen said...

Yeah I follow the F1 very closely. In fact I watch every race of the season and I am an ardent fan of Ferrari. So as long as Ferrari wins I am happy. But the race would be better if Micheal Schumacher is around. Say whatever you want about him, he is still the greatest racer of all times.

Just like F! which is fast and furious, the pace of how I work is also the same "FAST AND FURIOUS" which may me why I got tranferred.

BTW who are you anyway Brenda? I went to your blog, you seem to have just one posting which I tend not to agree upon but you managed to draw in 5 comments from all over the world.

You may let me know who you are by reply to my e-mail address at kokkuen@gmail.com.