06 September 2006

Nearing to a new chapter

Another seven working days I will start a new chapter of my career in a new division( well my former division). As my time in my present posting is getting nearer to the end, many things have happened since Monday.

I managed to empty my drawers and cabinets of the contents that were kept there since 1996. I managed to fill up three boxes with unfilled papers. Looking back at all those papers, I only realised how much work that I have done for the past ten year. Lucky, the scrap paper man came on their monthly round to collect the paper or else I will have a hard time to shred all those papers.

One sad thing that happened, I got to read some one's feeling on something that was not true and was just the person's own judgment of the situation.

I was touched by some staff who approached me and thank me for recommending them for their promotion. I was touched by their remarks and most of all I was touched by the gift of appreciation that was given to me today. For those who have not approached me to say their appreciation, that does not matter to me since it is my part of my job specification to identify and to recommend deserving staff for promotion.

There was collection of money from the staff to organise a last meal with me before I leave the department. I would not call it a farewell party but rather a departing gathering. Sad to say there was no consensus on the menu of the meal that they are organising, some like nasi dagang while some did not( there's even a debate over whether the nasi dagang should be served with fish or chicken!!!). What to do when there are so many "creative" people working with me. In the end they ended ordering nasi tomato from the caterer.

By the end of the day today, I was informed that one of my staff was not too happy where there was a switch in the job assignment and reporting line. I could help out much since I do not want to meddle in the decision made or any future outcome. I only need to keep track of what will happen after I leave.

I wonder what more thing can happen for the rest of the seven working days left for me in the department.

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