01 September 2006

Getting transferred, continued

Continuing on my posting of being transferred. Got a call from William Chew a very good friend last Wednesday (30 August) who have heard the news of my transfer. He was shock and did not want to believe the news he heard until my confirmation. It was very thoughtful of him calling and confirming my transfer. We shared the same ideals of our work and the "politics" that are going on.

Today, we broke the news of promotion Seah Yeoh Hwee, my colleague in JB. He was very happy of of the news. I later called him to break the news of my transferred. He too, was shocked and felt sorry for my state.

It was comforting to know that there are many more who came to me and asked me about my transfer. I felt very happy and at the same time sad that they cared and that I will not be working with them.

I took the opportunity to clear the papers that have been placed in my cubicle. To my surprise some of the papers have been placed into the cabinets at my cubicle dating way back to 1997 and 2000 onwards. I managed to placed all the papers into three big boxes. I was lucky enough to get Patricia to call upon the scrap paper people who were on their monthly rounds to pick up all the papers that I have thrown away. Looking back at all those papers, I realised that how work I have done and printed over the past 10 years. But now all the papers were of no use to me since I will be off to perform my new assignments at a new place.

I managed to call upon people who are working in my subsidiary company who were also shocked of my transfer. I have been working with them very well to ensure that problems that they faced in their dealing with the bank is taken cared of. The have offered to put in a word to the "relevant people" to cancel off off my transfer. However, I forbid them to do it because it might spark off some unwanted incidents or the "relevant people" might take a harsher action against me.

Just keep on reading my blog for more news, I have launched a "secret weapon" to see what happen next!!!

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