18 February 2007

Chinese New Year Photos

We started the first day of Chinese New Year by wearing our new cloths. Too bad my wife have to rush off to the airport to meet up with her uncle and family who is arriving for Bangkok for their holidays in Malaysia. My children and I dressed to to best for our journey to my parent's house for the first day of the new year

Here I am in my elegant new silk shirt which I bought in Suzhou during our least trip to China. This is the first time I am wearing this expensive silk shirt which cost me RMY390-00 (about RM140-00). Wow I look like a typical Chinese tycoon!

Carrie in her double breasted blouse. I told her that the blouse looks like the one the singer from My Chemical Romance in the song The Black Parade.

Wah.. Esther looks like a model dress in this red blouse and taking this photo outside our house. Incidentally, she is an ardent fan of the show American Next Top Model. Could she be Malaysia's next top model?

Darren putting on his new socks and shoes. He is also wearing a new red T-shirt which was bought by his mum and a new pair of pants called Tough Guy.

This pair of shoes belongs to Esther which was bought by her mun. Looks very cute and elegant.


Lye Hock said...

Happy New Year! Nice looking shirt!

Chan Kok Kuen said...

Thanks for the compliment.
Happy new year to you too.