10 February 2007

I can feel the CNY mood...

The Chinese New Year will be celebrated next week. However, my organisation started the celebration much earlier, this week. It began with the distribution of a Golden Nugget to each staff. The Golden Nugget is actually a big gold coloured plastic container. Inside the Golden Nugget, there were a pair or Mandarin Oranges, a pair of "sticky cake"(glutinous rice cake or nin koh) and some chocolate. The Golden Nugget symbolised abundance fortune and prosperity.

The next day (Friday), the celebration continued with the arrival of a Lion dance troupe. The troupe comprises two lions together with the drummer and cymbal player. Joining the Lion dance troupe was two God of Prosperity. The pair of lions started to dance in the office area and was trouping to all the cubicles in our office. The two God of Prosperity followed the lions by distributing packets of fortune cookies. After completing the trouping of our office area, the lions went on to two other office floors on the adjoining building.

The celebration continued with a high tea session with "low sang" sessions. Cakes and noodles were also served at the high tea. I started with the low sang.. wow it tasted good and I went on for another round of it. I did not take much of the other food because I still have to reserve some space in my stomach for dinner at home.

Everyone was happy with the early celebration of Chinese New Year in the office. All of them were very happy to receive the Golden Nugget as the Chinese New Year gift. Actually, since I joined the organisation in December, I have received the following gifts such as bags, bath towel, mouse pad, T-shirt and a water tumbler. I have never experienced having receive so many gift in such a short duration of employment.

To add on to the Chinese New Year mood, I bought two bundle of pussy willow from IKEA today. Each bundle cost RM16-00 .. very cheap. When I reached home, the pussy willow was placed into a glass vase. Looking at the blossomed and unblossomed white flowers on the pussy willow really bring in the mood. I could not help myself to snap some close up photos of the pussy willow.

Looking at the calendar, with the Chinese New Year drawing so near, I suddenly remembered that I have yet to do one very important thing.. to change new notes. No new notes no new year. So I better make arrangement with my friend of my previous organisation to get the new notes.

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