In the first survey of its kind, a bra making company says British women are more bustier than their European counterparts when it comes to cleavage size.

Surveyed by bra maker Triumph International - Europe's largest manufacturer of women's underwear, the report said that more than half of the British females wear a D-cup or larger as compared to Italian and Australian women who are using A- and B-cup section of the lingerie.

According to the London Daily Star, B-cups are worn by Austrian women while a quarter of French women have more bust size which can fit into D-cup.

Triumph also added that Denmark bagged the second position after Britain while Austrians fell somewhere in the middle. Nearly 57 percent women in Britain have big breasts, with Denmark second on 50 percent, followed by Holland with 36 percent.

The smallest breasts belonged to women in Italy, where 68 percent had a size B. The Swedes and the Swiss garnered the largest number of A cup sizes, with 14 percent.

I wonder what is the average size of bra for Malaysian women are? Huh.. Size A..B but not D!!

Here's another interesting article:

Half of British men claim they know their partners bra size

- Marks & Spencer Survey Reveals Truth About Lingerie Shopping -

It's good news for women this Christmas. A survey from Marks & Spencer, the UK's leading lingerie retailer has proved today, 4 December 02, that British men know their way around the lingerie department. Half of the men surveyed claim that they know their partners size and a resounding 85% of men claimed that the last time they had bought lingerie as a gift their partner had liked it and worn it.

However, a quarter of men surveyed still claim they would feel embarrassed or uncomfortable when shopping for lingerie for a partner, and one in five feel they would be nervous and confused.

Further key findings:

  • When it came to finding out a partners size, 15% said that they would take time to check their partners underwear drawer for their size before they went shopping, 20% said they would simply ask their partner. A mere 4% said they would ask a shop assistant to guess the size, dispelling the myth of 'she's about your size' and only 3% said they would gamble with a guess, once in the shop.

  • Most popular purchasing colour for men was black (33%), while 29% of women chose black. Most popular with women was cream/white at 32%.

  • 16% of men chose red, just 7% of women saying they would like to receive red lingerie.

  • A staggering 80% of women claimed that when they had received lingerie as a gift they had liked and worn it.

  • Only 1 in 10 women swapped their lingerie gift for something else, with 6% of women lying to their partners and never wearing the gift.

"This survey has disproved a whole host of myths surrounding men and how they buy lingerie. It's great to know that when men buy lingerie as a gift, their partners like and wear what they buy. It looks like it's going to be a very merry Christmas for women all around the country!" Commented Sarah Hawkins, Marketing Manager, Marks & Spencer Lingerie.

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