02 February 2007

Into the second month

It has been two months since I have joined my new organisation. Last month (January) was spent on training on the banking system of my new organisation. Two more weeks to go to complete the whole 5 weeks course, yeah you read it right 5 long weeks covering extensivly the functionalities of the systems for deposit, loans, payments and front end teller systems.

Attending the course does not mean that I will just sit down and concentrate on the trainer's briefing, e-mails from my boss in India and other people keep flowing into my mail box. Being the most senior (in terms of ranking) I was appointed as the Administration Manager of the various teams of the group that are stationed in Kuala Lumpur. I have to make decision and convey the decision and instructions to the rest of the team.

One other thing I like about this organisation is the Management Office where are are staff who takes care and organise various events to keep the morale and motivation level of all staff on a high level. So far they have organised the Christmas decoration contest, the 2007 New Year gathering, a Chinese New Year decoration item contest, selling various items for the coming Valentine's Day to raise funds for donation purpose. This week, each staff was given an apple each to promote healthy eating habit.

Another event coming up is the Annual Dinner which would be held on 3 March at Sunway. I was amazed by the way the event was handled.. electronic booking of seats allocated for the event. Each of us have to register at an intranet site set up for the event. We would then choose the table that we wish to sit at during the event. This make things much easier because each of us knows where would be seated on the day of the event and there would not be a need to rush into dinning hall and "book" the table.

Looking forward, February would be a short month where the number of working days would be the least for this year taking into consideration of the Chinese New Year and annual leave that I will be taking. The main activities will start for me in March where the composition of staff for my department will be complete. Deployment plans for me and the staff is already in place and we will be occupied through out the year not in Malaysia but to various parts of the world.


Lye Hock said...

On the annual dinner thingy, I think Razak should read your blog & learn something! :)

Chan Kok Kuen said...

I forgotten to add. The invitation cards are only sent out after closing date. Each of the invitation card will have a personalised name and seat number.
Yeah, Razak should learn from this but I think there are still many things yet to sorted out like an electronic leave application system which is still not available till today.

I think my organisation is still way ahead technologicaly way ahead.

Selba said...

Whoaa... sounds so hight tech about the annual dinner :)

3 march is my mom's b'day!

You already can take your annual leave? that fast...

Chan Kok Kuen said...


I don't think I will be able to take much annual after March because of my assignments that have been planned for this year. Too bad I am not able to go to Jakarta (the Jarkata system is going live just before Chinese New Year) or else I could meet up with you!!

Selba said...

Oh... too bad that you wont be able to Jakarta.. Hopefully there will be next chance ya.... :)

Pauline Goh said...

Yeah, i am also still wondering why electronic leave system not available to all yet.

so high tech that you can pick ur own seats.really a nuisance that we have to rush in for annual dinner. cant believe every one ca act like kids.. and i am definately not refering to theme dressing.

Chan Kok Kuen said...

Going to the dinner in theme dressing is a sure way to make the event fun. I agree with you rushing into the dinning hall is always a thing that people does and all us ended with the tables that we do not like to sit.

The annual mad rush into the dinning hall really shows the wild side of the people.

With a electronic seating booking system, everything is so systematic and fair.