24 February 2007

Trip to Malacca

My wife's uncle from Bangkok and his family were in Malaysia for their annual holidays. Some of them stayed back after their tour of Malaysia. We organised a trip to Malacca for them on the fifth day of CNY. It has been along while since I have been to Malacca even though I have always wanted to go their for a photo shoot. So, this trip was a good opportunity for me to shoot the scene of Malacca. The weather was terribly hot but it was worth the trip. The first stop was the Au Yong Hill Resort. The place was a great place for shooting the flowers and "fung shui" sculptures. The onward to other historical places in Malacca city. Lunch was at a Nyonya restaurant called Ole Sayang at Melaka Raya. As usual, the restaurants hiked up the prices of their food to capitalized on the holiday season. The last stop was at St. Paul's Hill. I could not find the ruins of the A'Formosa fort which is near the hill. Maybe it is undergoing restoration work.

An old pre-war building on the way to Au Yong Hill Resort

Lovely and matured bougainvillea flowers at the hill resort

The hot sun shinning trough the beard trees
A morning glory?

Some of the caged fowls at the hill resort.

A traditional Nyonya lantern at the Ole Sayang Restaurant were we had our lunch

The St. Francis Xavier Church

S. Paul Hill


SooHK said...

looks like a nice day...when I was there it was raining...hahaha..btw nice pic..

SooHK said...

oh if you are Flickr member, join this public group... its fun.. http://www.flickr.com/groups/26485789@N00/

Chan Kok Kuen said...

I am a dormant Flickr member. Too lazy to upload my photos there. Thant's for the advise.

Selba said...

Someday.... gonna visit that place :)

So historical beautiful!