18 February 2007

A Satanic Pact with the Ghost Rider

Just like last year, we were also at the cinema just before the reunion dinner to watch Jet Li's "Fearless", my children and I were again at the cinema to watch "Ghost Rider". Looks like it's going to be like a family tradition.

I have known Ghost Rider from Marvel comics when I was younger ( I was a comic collector too). However, I only knew that Ghost Rider is a motorcycle stunt man during the day and at night he becomes the Ghost Rider to fight evil. Well actually, the story is about a young stunt driver named Johnny Barton who sells his soul to the devil and separates from the love of his life. As part of his deal with the devil, Johnny continues to be a stunt driver by day, but at night he becomes the Ghost Rider, a force who hunts demons in the presence of evil.

The effects and the CGI were great making the Ghost Rider character quite convincing. The only complain that I have is the actor. They choose Nicholas Cage to be the Ghost Rider. He looks a bit too old to act as Ghost Rider. I prefer the younger Johnny Barton (I don't know him name) to be the Ghost Rider.

Overall, the show was enjoyed by all of us. I would recommend it just to enjoy yourself over the Chinese New Year holidays.

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